Q  &  A

Q:  What are the Sorrento Oaks Park Rules?
A:   Click the button on the left.
Q:   How high is the monthly park operating fee?
A:   $127, this does not include property taxes or utilities which will be billed monthly to homeowners.

Q:   Who manages the park?
A:    The park is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of resident members elected annually for 2-year terms.

Q:   Are there pets allowed?
A:   Yes, dogs, cats under 20lbs, and birds.

Q:   What is the minimum age requirement?
A:   55 for main owner, 52 for partner.

Q:   Do you own the land?
A:   The Sorrento Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc. owns the land, and membership in the association includes a share of the land. The park was purchased by the residents in 1995.

Q:   Is there RV storage on the site?
A:   No.

Q:   Does the park have a swimming pool?
A:   No.

Q:  Do you know of any home for sale?
A:   Please go to the Homes For Sale Page